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why i offer 50% off makeup lessons once a year

It’s February, which means I’m running my annual lesson special! This is the one time of year we offer a special like this. Here’s a little backstory on how I got started with private lessons, why I love them so much, and what to expect from your lesson. If you want to skip on ahead to the lesson special, scroll down toward the end and I’ll explain how to get your half-off lesson!

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In February 2018, I was pretty fresh into my full-time freelance makeup artist life, even though I’d been working as a makeup artist for over a decade.  It was an exhilarating and scary time - I wasn’t sure it was even feasible to make a living as a full-time freelance makeup artist!  I was also pretty fresh off of my time teaching at Paul Mitchell the school and had discovered how much I loved teaching.  Requests were starting to come in for private makeup lessons and I was enjoying them so much.  I started spending a lot of time marinating on how our relationship with makeup affects how we feel about ourselves and I wanted to be a part of helping women feel more comfortable in their skin and in their morning routine.  

I often work with clients that have always done their makeup the same way and want some fresh ideas.  Sometimes I have clients that want to look more polished and pulled together at a new job.  I also have clients that are looking to create a custom makeup look for performances, creative pitches, client meetings, etc.  I am so here for all of it.  I love helping people create a routine that fits their life, career, and style!

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photo by wilde company

During a private lesson, we will spend about 90 minutes together.  I recommend that you bring the products you already own with you.  We’ll start by discussing what your current routine is, what products you own, and what your goals/wishes/desires are.  Then, I’ll do your makeup, explaining step by step what I’m doing, creating a custom routine for you that fits your needs and leaves you feeling like the confident, beautiful human you already are.  We will incorporate the products that you own as much as possible and I will give you some product recommendations if I think there’s anything you need.  After the lesson, I will send you a recap with all of the info you need to recreate your look at home plus any relevant product recommendations + tips.

My goal is to empower you to feel beautiful in your own skin and confident in applying the makeup products that you want to incorporate into your life.  You’ll also leave with your makeup done so it’s a great time to plan something fun! 

Not local to Nashville? I also offer hour-long virtual lessons! While I won’t be able to physically do your makeup during a virtual lesson, we will cover the exact same bases as a private in-person lesson and I will set you up for success in your personal beauty routine.

February is a quieter time of year for me and I’m usually putting new things in place and gearing up for the rest of the year.  I was looking for a way to create a win-win for me and for my clients, which was the catalyst for the first lesson special.  It worked so well that I’ve continued to offer it every year in February.  This lesson special allows me to bring in cash to fund new ideas, products, and systems for the rest of the year.

I’m offering 50% off of all lessons for the entire month of February.  Private lessons are normally $200 but as long as you purchase your lesson by the end of February, it will be $100. Virtual lessons are normally $100, but $50 if purchased this month. You have until April 30 to use your lesson.  The way it works is that you shoot an email to letting us know you would like to purchase a lesson and we will send you an invoice.  Once you’ve paid your invoice, we will send you the info to schedule your lesson.  I can’t wait to work with you!

This may be the last year that I am able to offer this special, so if you’re interested I’d love to set up your half-off lesson!

photo by wilde company

ABOUT | Katie-Laine Thornton is a Nashville-based makeup artist, hair stylist, and beauty educator with over 16 years of experience. Katie-Laine has worked with thousands of clients for photoshoots, commercials, weddings, private lessons, and more!  Katie-Laine is an educator and non-toxic beauty enthusiast. She loves helping people like you feel beautiful in whatever way feels right for you. She offers private lessons, classes, and workshops for both clients and industry professionals, and is thrilled to include non-toxic makeup applications on her service menu.


On a more personal note, Katie-Laine is also an extroverted virgo (ENFP), natural mama, and total dabbler. She has a penchant for hot tea and mystery novels, enjoys hiking, yoga, and acupuncture, and values inclusivity and body positivity. Her favorite part about doing makeup and hair is helping you feel amazing, comfortable, and confident.

Shoot an email to to inquire about our lessons or purchase one for 50% off today!

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