online course (presale)

online course with beauty expert & educator, Katie-Laine Thornton

coming summer 2021

online course (presale)

$150.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
  • Learn from beauty industry expert Katie-Laine Thornton in the comfort of your own home as she walks you through customized techniques and products to help you create, enhance, or simplify your beauty routine. 


    In her upcoming course, Katie-Laine will teach you how to spend less time on your beauty routine so you have more time to change the world (without sacrificing results!). You will learn her proven approach to skincare & makeup, from the makeup philosophy that guides her to detailed tutorials for each of your features. This course includes over 2 hours of content - the very material Katie-Laine teaches in her private studio lessons!


    Katie-Laine Thornton is a makeup artist, hair stylist, and beauty educator with over 16 years of experience offering on-site bridal + event beauty services. She has been teaching private lessons for years but is excited to offer something that is accessible to people with varying schedules, locations, budgets, and lifestyles. During this presale, you can preorder the course at half price and receive it before it launches to the public.


    what it includes:

    • early access to Katie-Laine’s online course at half the price
    • Katie-Laine’s countercultural makeup philosophy
    • makeup + skincare tips & hacks
    • how to prep your skin for makeup
    • beauty routine order of operations
    • detailed application tutorials for eyes, face, and lips (for every shape/feature!)
    • how to properly clean your brushes
    • how to boost your skin’s natural radiance (for when you don’t want to wear much or any makeup!)
    • 2+ hours of video & audio content
    • PDF resource guides for easy reference
    • and some other fun bonus material!

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